Keeping your Project Active

Keeping your Project Active

At SustainCERT, we are passionate about our work and providing the highest possible standard of service for the people we work with. As a part of this, we conduct regular checks to ensure the projects we are assisting on are still active. By doing this, we ensure no resources are wasted by dedicating them to initiatives that have been paused, or even completely shut down.  

We understand that meaningful climate projects usually take a significant amount of time to implement, although of course this is not always the case! With this in mind, here is our process for checking in on projects we haven’t heard from in a while: 
  1. Once feedback has been provided on a project, you will have 8 weeks to respond to our comments.
  1. If we haven’t heard anything from you within this time period, we’ll get in touch with a reminder.
Should there still be no response within 4 weeks of sending this reminder, we will consider the project to have been stopped, and it will be deactivated from our platform 

We understand that circumstances change, so should you later wish to reactivate the project, get in touch with our team at - they’ll be happy to talk you through the process and costs of reactivation.

In total, this means you will have a total of 12 weeks, equivalent to 3 months, to get back to us with the latest updates on your project. Even if things are moving slowly and not much has changed since our last conversation, please make sure you still get in touch to let us know. We completely understand the complexities of the industry, and will be more than happy to keep working together once things are moving again! 

For more clarification, you can contact us at

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