Gold Standard Registry Account

Gold Standard Registry Account

Opening a GS Registry Account

To open a Gold Standard Account please send the following documentation to 


A copy of your organisation's Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Your company or organisation's registration number, registered office address, names of all directors (preferably an official extract from the registry) and your organisation's website URL.
  • A bank statement less than 90 days old from your organisation's bank showing the address of the organisation.
  • A letter on your organisation's letterhead stating that the proposed account manager has been duly appointed and is authorised, on behalf of your organisation, to accept The Gold Standard Foundation's Terms of Use and any modification. There must be satisfactory evidence that the individual who has signed the letter is authorised to do so on behalf of your organisation (e.g. director or other senior officer).
  • A statement setting out the nature of your organisation's business, your reason for applying for a Gold Standard registry account and how you intend to use the account.
  • A copy of IDs for the account manager and any users who require access to the account along with their email addresses.
  • Signed copies of the Terms of Use (updated in May 2022) and Terms and Conditions. See : Terms and conditions - Gold Standard for global Goals
  • There is also an annual registry account fee (1000 USD), which will be invoiced upon approval of the application; this is pro-rata in the first year.

Project Developers who register their accounts successfully and easily do the following:

  • Confirm a valid company address in their registration documents. A valid address is an address listed on a Bank statement.
  • Submit a Bank statement as proof of address.
  • Confirm the company address on their registration documents matches the bank statement address.
  • Send the signed Registry term of Use form and Gold Standard terms & conditions form, without missing one.
  • Send all correct documents together as a set.

For more clarification, you can contact us at