How does one submit documents for Preliminary Review?

How does one submit documents for Preliminary Review?

Step 1) Confirm a Gold Standard Registry Account has been opened and the account is active (How to Open a Gold Standard Registry Account?)

Step 2) Confirm an SC Platform Account is opened and login name and password are available

Step 3) Login once an SC Platform Account is opened and add a new project to the SC Platform: (How do I create a New Project wih SustainCERT App?)  

Step 4) Communicate here, going forward, with the SustainCERT certification team

Step 5) Book a preliminary review (How do I book a Preliminary Review?)

Step 6) Look for your invoice. Once a review date is confirmed by our certification team, you will get an invoice by email (How is an invoice generated by SustainCERT). After a review is booked in the SC Platform, the invoice is triggered 30 days prior to the review date.  Thus, if the review date is less than 30 days from the booking date, the invoice will be issued right away. The review is technically not allowed to commence until the payment is received and the documentation is in good order

Step 7) Pay your invoice. You will receive an invoice with the due date after the preliminary review booking is confirmed. SustainCERT is paid with a wire transfer

Step 8) Upload your documents for preliminary review  (How do I upload project documents?). Project Developers upload required documentation in the SC Platform. All required documents and templates (What documents must be submitted for Preliminary Review?)For a LUF preliminary review the following documents are also needed:

  • LUF Risks and capacities
  • Additionality
  • Applicability
  • Baseline
  • CO2 fixation

Forestry projects: All LUF project documents need to be uploaded to a Sharepoint folder and not on the SC app, however. The instructions for uploading files in the Sharepoint folder will be provided when the project developer opens a SustainCERT account. 

The templates for these documents can also be found here.

 Step 9) Project Developers book a subsequent review for a date in the future, in the SC Platform, assuming the normal cycle. Note: Project listing and GS validation both need to be completed first.

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