Gold Standard Principles & Requirements - Section (d): Annual Reporting

Gold Standard Principles & Requirements - Section (d): Annual Reporting

Transparent, annual update reports need to be provided for Projects that
have achieved the Project Design Certification stage or have successfully
transitioned to Gold Standard for the Global Goals. An annual report
shall be submitted for each monitoring year by end of next calendar year
for which verification is not completed. If a verification is in progress
but not completed, then an Annual Report is still required by the end of
calendar year.*
For example, if a project does not complete the verification for monitoring year 2019
by 31st December 2020, the project shall submit an Annual report for monitoring year
2019 latest by 31st December 2020.

5.1.40 Failure to provide Annual Reports as required shall result in the de-
certification of the Project.

5.1.41 The Annual Report shall be submitted to Gold Standard which will be
made publicly available.

5.1.42 The Annual Report shall focus on information since the last Annual
Report or Verification Report as appropriate and provide following
(a) A summary of the recent activities, events and actions related to
the Project,
(b) A clear statement on how stakeholders may provide
(c) A list of all inputs/grievances that have been received since the
last Annual Report together with their respective answers/actions,
(d) Any incidents or events that may impact the Outcomes/Impacts
delivered to date (in terms of loss) or the ongoing Performance of
the Project,
(e) Any legal contest or dispute that has arisen,
(f) Any updates to the Key Project Information, Project Design
Document, Monitoring & Reporting Plan and any other supporting
(g) A brief descriptive summary of all monitoring information
collected during the year,
(h) Any update of the ‘Project Participants & Secured Titles’ (in case
of changes)
5.1.43 The Project Developer shall attest to the accuracy of the information
provided by its signature on the Annual Report. The signatory shall be
an individual with legal signing authority within the Project Developer’s

5.1.44 Annual Reporting does not represent Certification nor any decision-
making or agreement to any design change by Gold Standard. Annual
Reporting is intended as an opportunity to share progress and track key
updates and confirms to Gold Standard that the Project remains active.
With formal review of conformity to Requirements; any changes in
approach shall be undertaken at Performance Certification only.